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The Transformational Leader: A National Bestseller

book on leadership

I’m excited to share some incredible news: My new book on leadership, The Transformational Leader: How the World’s Best Leaders Build Teams, Inspire Action, and Achieve Lasting Success, debuted as a National Bestseller this past week. While this accomplishment is a personal milestone, it also testifies to the need for transformative leaders in today’s rapidly…

Decoding Bad Leadership in Today’s Workplace

bad leadership

Across every sector, there’s a common obstacle paralyzing growth and success: the insidious impact of bad leadership, or what I refer to as the leadership crisis. This leadership crisis has chilling effects on all industries. Whether it’s large corporate firms or small businesses, each and every one has had its fair share of leaders who…

Workplace Productivity Redefined

workplace productivity

Redefining workplace productivity is not a trend; it’s necessary for survival in today’s rapidly evolving workplace. Organizations stand at a crossroads, grappling with the dual converging pressures of rapid technological advancements and changing employee expectations. In response, leaders must reevaluate the concept of productivity in an era where work transcends physical space to become a…

IN-Q: Change Your Story, Change Your Life


In this inspiring podcast episode, I sit down with Emmy-nominated poet and multi-platinum songwriter, IN-Q. We unravel how storytelling can alter the direction of our lives, both personally and professionally. IN-Q’s illustrious career has seen him shine on global platforms, and his book, Inquire Within, is a testament to his profound impact on audiences worldwide….

Strategic Problem-Solving: A Leader’s Secret Weapon

strategic problem-solving

Many leaders believe they excel at strategic problem-solving; however, I’ve found that very few prove exceptional in this area. Nearly every leader has experienced a time in their career when everything seemed to demand their immediate attention. Without the right tools, approach, and mindset, it’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to solve…

The Power of Keynote Speakers in Transforming Events

keynote speakers

What three things must an event do to be successful in today’s ultra-competitive world? It must captivate an audience, make a lasting impression, and inspire action. This is where dynamic and talented keynote speakers can transform your event into a life-changing experience. Whether it’s a corporate meeting, association conference, or educational seminar, a compelling keynote…

The Trust Advantage: Trust, Autonomy, and Team Success

trust advantage

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do” –Steve Jobs. Take a moment and reflect on the forward-thinking philosophy of a man who propelled the world into the future and built a legacy that continues to…

Navigating Workplace Stress: Strategies for Success

workplace stress

In today’s workplace, stress affects everyone, from executive leaders to employees at every level. The relentless pace, high expectations, and constant connectivity increasingly undermine our mental well-being and performance. Traditional solutions suggest making sweeping changes or taking significant breaks from work. However, emerging insight indicates a more nuanced approach might be more practical and effective….

Mike Sarraille: Becoming an Everyday Warrior

mike sarraille

After 20 years of service as a Recon Marine, Scout-Sniper, and U.S. Navy SEAL officer, which included ten combat deployments, Mike Sarraille turned his attention to using the lessons he learned on the battlefield to help businesses develop strong leaders. As the founder and CEO of Talent War Group, an elite consulting and executive search…

Mastering the Fundamentals: Insights from Super Bowl LVIII


Super Bowl LVIII was not just a showcase of elite athleticism and competitive spirit but a vivid illustration of a timeless truth: talent alone is not enough. The San Francisco 49ers, despite their immense talent, encountered this harsh reality in a dramatic showdown that ultimately favored the Kansas City Chiefs. This game is a compelling…

Driving Self-Transformation: Keynote to 10,000 Leaders


I recently had the honor of speaking to 10,000 leaders in Singapore, delivering a keynote that focused on unleashing high performance in a rapidly changing world. Things are changing around us at a staggering rate of velocity right now. The dynamics of work are changing in more ways than one due to rising competition, new…

Leadership Development: Cultivating Leaders for Success

leadership development

Leadership development has taken center stage as a crucial investment for forward-thinking companies in recent years. These organizations understand that leaders are pivotal in achieving operational excellence, fueling innovation, and gaining a competitive advantage. This article will explore leadership development, unveiling its role in nurturing an agile and resilient workforce. We’ll explore how these programs…

From Stagnation to Innovation: Transforming for Strategic Growth

strategic innovation

In the competitive B2B technology space, TechAdvance* is a long-standing industry titan. The multinational corporation boasts a multibillion-dollar valuation, and its flagship product line is synonymous with exceptional quality, convenience, and client satisfaction. However, despite its impressive portfolio and strong market presence, TechAdvance experienced a plateau in annual growth, necessitating a strategic self-assessment and transformation….

Liz Elting: From Dorm Room to Billion-Dollar Business

liz elting

Liz Elting, founder and CEO of the Elizabeth Elting Foundation, is a New York-based philanthropist and businesswoman recognized for her outstanding entrepreneurship and focus on developing women business leaders. Liz Elting cofounded TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language and business solutions. She has been named one of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women every year since…