After 20 years of service as a Recon Marine, Scout-Sniper, and U.S. Navy SEAL officer, which included ten combat deployments, Mike Sarraille turned his attention to using the lessons he learned on the battlefield to help businesses develop strong leaders. As the founder and CEO of Talent War Group, an elite consulting and executive search firm specializing in world-class leadership development and attracting top talent, he leads a team that drives positive change and helps organizations reach their full potential.

Along with careers in the military and business, Mike co-authored the best-selling book, The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent, and enjoys a partnership with Men’s Journal as a columnist and host of The Everyday Warrior series and podcast.

In this inspiring episode, Mike Sarraille recounts his incredible journey from a young boy who grew up reading books about Vietnam and watching Hollywood to becoming a Navy SEAL and later navigating the business world as CEO of the Talent War Group. Sarraille discusses the lessons he learned about overcoming adversity, the importance of suffering and accountability, and how these lessons can be applied to everyday life and business leadership.

The episode also explores Sarraille’s approach to failure, the concept of the ‘Everyday Warrior,’ and practical advice for becoming better versions of ourselves. Additionally, Sarraille stresses the significance of training, both in the military and the business realm, to prepare for high-pressure situations and achieve greatness. Mike’s insights offer valuable lessons on personal growth, accountability, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Mike Sarraille Episode Highlights

The Beginning of Mike’s Journey: The journey for Mike Sarraille started in the Bay Area, where his childhood books and Hollywood’s glorification of the Vietnam War sparked his fascination with the military. He noted, “Much like with football, young men ask, ‘do I have what it takes?’ I asked myself the same question related to service. I wanted to know if I had the potential to serve alongside these heroes.” Throughout his journey, Mike faced numerous challenges. Nonetheless, his unwavering determination kept him strong.

Reflections on Effective Leadership: Reflecting on his journey, Mike expressed that leadership should be grounded in love. Notably, he stated, “I led through love, but it’s love rooted in accountability. The highest form of compassion or love is accountability.” Mike emphasized the importance of self-accountability, sharing how it was a significant aspect of SEAL team culture. “We turned accountability across the culture into self-accountability,” he noted. “We would be vulnerable and say, ‘Hey guys, before I get called out on it, I made this mistake…’.”

Striking a Balance between Love and Accountability: When we discussed how to balance love and accountability in leadership, Mike touched on the necessity of understanding the gravity of leading people. “You have to realize the gravity of leading people. If you can’t love your people and pour into them, then you’re going to have a real rough go,” he admitted. Mike added that top performers were never satisfied and were always in pursuit of excellence. The best leaders in sports and the military are constantly looking for the most effective ways to influence their teams, and they always strive to strike a balance between displaying love and maintaining a high level of accountability.

Training for Success: Mike shares that becoming a Navy SEAL was an arduous process. He emphasizes how leaders in these teams pour into their members, desiring to develop them into better versions of themselves while catalyzing their growth. Commenting on this strategy’s effectiveness, Mike added, “If your people are so prepared and so well trained, no matter what situation or contingency they run into, they will overcome as one team.” Mike highlighted that in the business world, one of the first things many organizations cut when facing budget constraints is training, which is a huge mistake that will backfire.

The Everyday Warrior: The core essence and DNA of Mike Sarraille and his entire brand are based on adopting the mindset of an everyday warrior. In essence, being an ‘Everyday Warrior’ entails constantly striving for excellence and balancing professional and personal life. The SEALs’ motto, ‘the only easy day was yesterday’ stands out. It beautifully illustrates the constant challenge of being better today than we were yesterday, which is a cornerstone of the Everyday Warrior Mindset.

Show Notes

00:00 Guest Introduction: Mike Sarraille

1:10 Mike Sarraille’s Journey: From Childhood to Military

4:16 – Mike’s Transition from Marine Corps to Navy SEAL

5:02 – Mike’s Post-Military Life and Business Ventures

8:50 – The Importance of Leadership and Accountability

12:31 – The Role of Love in Leadership

18:12 – Mike’s Reflections on Legacy and Impact

20:47 – The Challenges of Transitioning from Military to Business

29:57 – The Power of Reflection and Introspection

30:43 – The Pursuit of Excellence

31:42 – Leadership in High-Pressure Situations

32:29 – The Power of Experience and Decision Making

33:57 – The Importance of Adaptability and Flexibility

35:52 – The Journey to Becoming a SEAL

36:12 – The Power of Shared Adversity

39:50 – The Role of Training

47:14 – The Everyday Warrior Mindset

49:23 – The Power of Failure and Growth

52:45 – Becoming an Everyday Warrior

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