Forget the negative junk.

Forget the violence.

Forget the disappointment.

Forget the hate.

Forget the doubt.

Forget the self-diminishing thoughts.

Forget everyone who has ever doubted you or done you wrong.

Forget everything that brings you down to a lesser version of yourself.

Forget the negative junk!

For a brief moment, take your mind completely away from all of the negativity. Focus on all of the positive and promising possibilities instead. Remind yourself of how much you are capable of doing in this lifetime. Direct your energy and focus on the daily process of becoming the best version of yourself for this very day.

And if you can’t see all of the wonderful possibilities for your life, then start speaking them into existence. Plant the seeds now!

All too often, worry and anxiety creep in and steal our joy and power. We forget how powerful we really are. Have you ever observed that young children are brimming with joy and wake up each day eager to experience the world? This is because, as children, we are not susceptible to seeing the world’s negative aspects. We have no idea what is actually occurring around us, and our imaginations are limitless. Instead of wishing we were young children again, we can tap into the power that all children possess by being more deliberate about where we direct our daily attention.

It’s massively important to turn your attention away from the mess. Instead, remind yourself of all the blessings in your life. The possibilities for your future. What do you admire most about life? What excited you as a young child that you no longer care about and have turned your back on?

Where we direct our focus is the direction in which our lives will move. If we continue to focus on everything that is going wrong, that’s exactly where our lives will go. But when we choose to look at the blessings, more good will come our way.

Forget the negative junk!