Your time to shine has arrived. You are equipped and empowered with everything you need to embark on and live a fulfilling life. Please recognize that the only limitations you face are those you impose on yourself. You have the potential to ascend higher, overcome every obstacle, and achieve greatness.

Instead of focusing on the distant future, learn to appreciate life right now. No one ever said you would never experience storms, but you do have the ability to find peace in the midst of storms. Today, have faith that everything is working to your advantage. Your time to shine is now.

Do not engage in the pursuit of searching for life’s shortcuts. There is no such thing. Every day, regret consumes millions of people. Strive to not let any day end with any regrets about what you did or didn’t do. If there is something you wish to accomplish, do it. This is how we start to cultivate our own unique advantages and confidently embrace our time to shine.

If there is a person who means everything to you, let them know. If you have been delaying the pursuit of a new dream, attack it with all your might. There is one thing I am certain of: life on Earth is incredibly short, and no matter how old we are fortunate to grow, it is all over in an instant in the grand scheme of things. Constantly reminding myself that each day is a miracle and that today very well could be the last has been a tremendously beneficial practice for my life. Engaging in periodic introspection regarding mortality evokes an extraordinary force. It helps us prioritize what is most important in life and serves as an urgent reminder that the time to shine is now.

Your time to shine and flourish is now. Live your life in such a way that when others see you, they feel compelled to take their own lives to the next level because of the beauty and uniqueness of your life and actions. You have something special. You possess extraordinary power that is just waiting to be unleashed. Now is the time to shine and become the best possible version of yourself.

Our perspective is everything. Allow these words to serve as a call to action rather than motivational jargon.

Never forget. It’s your time to shine.