Matthew Kelly has dedicated his life to helping people and organizations become the-best-version-of-themselves. Born in Sydney, Australia, he began speaking and writing in his late teens while he was attending business school. Since that time, 5 million people have attended his seminars and presentations in more than 50 countries.

Today, Matthew Kelly is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, and business consultant. His books have been published in more than 30 languages, have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, and have sold more than 50 million copies.

In this captivating conversation, Matthew Kelly offers insights on embracing life’s challenges, the role of dreams in our lives, and the key attributes of effective leadership. Kelly’s conversation is deeply personal and reflective, revealing a rich perspective filled with resilience and courage. Kelly developed the “the-best-version-of-yourself” concept and has been sharing it in every arena of life for more than 25 years. It is quoted by presidents and celebrities, athletes and their coaches, business leaders, and innovators, though perhaps it is never more powerfully quoted than when a mother or father asks a child, “Will that help you become the-best-version-of-yourself?”

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Matthew Kelly Episode Highlights

Matthew Kelly’s Story: Walking the Unfamiliar Road: Matthew Kelly has had a fascinating journey. Contrary to societal expectations for planning out our lives, he emphasizes the fulfillment found in traversing unexpected paths. Matthew’s journey began with a chance to speak at an event while still in business school, from which he grew into a renowned author and speaker. He explains, “I’ve been on this adventure, and I really didn’t plan it, and I don’t know where it’s going next.” One of Matthew’s outstanding skills is his ability to capture listeners’ hearts, a gift largely honed in high school gymnasiums, where he learned the importance of audience engagement. His storytelling ability, through his books and videos, indeed touches lives profoundly.

Nurturing Passion and Purpose Amid Chaos in Our Lives: Matthew Kelly discussed the importance of living every day with passion and purpose and how to do so amid the chaos in our personal and professional lives. He emphasized that we are made for a mission—not to serve ourselves but to serve others. This principle applies in our personal lives, our professional lives, and in leadership in organizations. Matthew explained the power of dreams, asserting that having a dream for our lives injects us with passion and purpose. In his latest book, The Rocking Chair Prophet, Matthew tells the story of a man named Ezra who begins to chase his dream and how that changes him profoundly.

Learning to Slow Down and Embrace Vulnerability: Matthew Kelly expressed strong sentiments about slowing down in life. He believes that slowing down brings mindfulness, efficiency, and focus and allows us to be present in the moment. In his recent works, Matthew has expressed deep vulnerability, sharing that being honest and real with oneself is incredibly powerful, especially in coping with personal trials such as his experience overcoming cancer multiple times.

Embracing the Messy: Navigating through life’s mess requires us to fight our battles every day and strive to be better than yesterday. Matthew uses his personal experiences to send a resounding message that, despite life’s mess, we can achieve excellence and wholeness. It’s crucial to remember, as Matthew Kelly wonderfully puts it, “Life is messy, but you’re not doing it wrong.” The pursuit of excellence lies in our everyday choices, habits, and mindset. It’s not merely a goal, but a journey marked by constant growth and transformation. We must acknowledge our vulnerabilities and accept that life is messy, but within this mess lies the potential for our excellence.

Show Notes

1:00 – Guest Introduction: Matthew Kelly

1:30 – Matthew Kelly’s Journey and Career

3:54 – The Art of Public Speaking

5:48 – Living with Passion and Purpose

11:15 – The Power of Dreams

16:18 – The Importance of Personal Dreams in Professional Life

19:35 – The Role of Leaders in Encouraging Dreams

22:20 – Practical Steps for Leaders to Encourage Dreams

25:58 – Appreciating the Power of Dreams

27:33 – The Uniqueness of Human Dreams

28:28 – Redefining the Concept of a Better Future

29:56 – The Power of Giving and Simplifying Life

31:00 – The Role of Habits in Unleashing Potential

31:12 – The Power of Reading and Coaching

34:06 – The Importance of Silence and Slowing Down

35:18 – Embracing Vulnerability and Overcoming Challenges

42:03 – The Impact of Books

47:37 – Personal Definition of Excellence

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