I am ecstatic and honored to announce that my newest book, Culture Is the Way, has made the Wall Street Journal bestseller list. Since its release date on February 1st, hearing from so many readers and observing the impact this book is having on the business world has been a truly remarkable experience. Although reaching the bestseller list is not indicative of a book’s overall success, this accomplishment would not be possible without the assistance of so many great people, and most importantly, all of the organizations, leaders, and individuals who have purchased and promoted the book.

I set out to write Culture Is the Way with the intention of making a compelling case that workplace and team culture are more than just a nice thing to have; it’s a major competitive advantage. I also wanted to convey the underlying meaning of culture, which is that it encompasses more than just fluff or a kind gesture to make others happy. One of the prevalent misunderstandings pertaining to culture revolves around how it’s defined and perceived. If culture is viewed solely as a means to satisfy or make others happy, the chances of creating a thriving and world-class culture are greatly reduced.

The DNA of an organization is its culture. It functions as the heart and soul. In its purest form, culture is behavior at scale. It is a big mistake to create a list of core values and then believe that posting those values on the website or in the office will help build culture. When those same values become behavioral standards, the process of building and then cascading culture begins.

Although this book is primarily aimed at leaders and people managers, I am convinced that anyone, regardless of role, can significantly improve their career by understanding culture and how to cultivate it. Not to mention, who doesn’t want to come to work every day and enjoy where they work and the people they work with? Leaders and people managers play an important role in the creation and development of culture, but every team member can help improve it.

I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.