I’m excited to share some incredible news: My new book on leadership, The Transformational Leader: How the World’s Best Leaders Build Teams, Inspire Action, and Achieve Lasting Success, debuted as a National Bestseller this past week. While this accomplishment is a personal milestone, it also testifies to the need for transformative leaders in today’s rapidly changing world.

Debuting at #24 on USA Today’s Bestseller List is humbling and exhilarating, as the ranking covers the top 150 books nationwide, regardless of genre.

Sleepless nights, marathon writing sessions, and rigorous rounds of edits marked the journey. In the end, it brought my vision and this book on leadership to life.

This accomplishment wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of readers like you. Each person who picked up a copy, whether for personal development or as a resource for their organization, played a pivotal role in the beginning of this book’s success. I am deeply grateful to my supporters, client partners, and everyone who believed this book could impact people across this country. Thank you.

Reader Reaction

The positive feedback from readers has been overwhelming. Here are just a few of the testimonials and reviews that highlight the book’s impact:

“Offering invaluable insight, Matt Mayberry’s The Transformational Leader is a must-read for anyone who wants to become an impactful leader. Mayberry’s latest work provides a framework that will allow readers to harness their abilities to become truly effective leaders. Most importantly, Mayberry reflects on the critical importance of cultivating an outstanding team and pinpoints what it takes to lead that team to success. Whether you’re a seasoned CEO looking to sharpen your skills or just starting your leadership journey, this book holds the key to understanding what it takes not just to lead but to build a lasting impact in your organization.” Liz Elting, Co-founder of TransPerfect and bestselling author of Dream Big and Win

“Everything evolves over time, and leadership is no exception. In The Transformational Leader, Mayberry not only captures this evolution but also outlines a specific plan for future-focused leadership. If you want to make a positive impact on your teams, organizations, and the people you lead, then this is a great place to start.” ―Rich Diviney, Retired Navy SEAL and bestselling author of The Attributes

“I’ve only had Matt Mayberry’s The Transformational Leader a couple of days and I can already say: this book is different… in the best way possible. It’s actionable, insightful, and well-researched while never forgetting the reader. Matt combines expert storytelling, an enjoyable writing style, and his in-depth knowledge to deliver a message everyone can benefit from. Whether you’re an established leader or someone who just wants to become a little more influential, this book is for you.” Jason, Verified Buyer, Amazon

Strategies for Success

At the core of my new book on leadership are strategies designed to empower you to lead, make a lasting impact, and help you bring out the best in others. Here are a few key takeaways from the book; I haven’t included these as theoretical concepts but as steps, strategies, and skills you can work on each day.

  1. Evolving Leadership Dynamics: Leaders today face unprecedented challenges. At this historic crossroads, they’re diverging into three distinct categories: those who refuse to evolve, those who equate leadership with privilege, and those willing to lead with humility and empathy. This last group, characterized by their ability to guide others through difficult times, represents the future of effective leadership.
  2. Whole Person Concept: Transformational leaders recognize that an individual’s personal life profoundly impacts their effectiveness at work. As we strive to redefine leadership, we must remember that team members are more than just employees; they’re people with complex lives beyond the workplace. The “whole person concept” is a blueprint for cultivating effective leadership and making a lasting impact – because only when we recognize the whole person can we inspire and lead them.
  3. Inspirational and Servant Leaders: Having people listen to you because you’re the boss is not the same as engaging their hearts and minds. While issuing orders can achieve short-term goals, great leaders inspire and connect with their teams. At the core of transformative leadership is the servant leader, who views themselves not as a commander but as an advocate. By prioritizing the needs of others above their own, they drive meaningful change through connection and empathy.
  4. Leadership Doesn’t Require a Title: Being promoted to a leadership position does not make someone a leader. The only people who can determine genuine leadership are those being led. In my book, I explore how authentic leadership transcends formal hierarchies, emphasizing the ability to influence, inspire, and guide others through competence, integrity, and empathy. After all, leadership isn’t about institutional authority – it’s about influence.

Inspire. Serve. Transform.

As we prepare for an incredibly polarizing election year and navigate a rapidly evolving workplace, the insights and strategies outlined in this book are more relevant than ever. This landscape demands leaders who rise above divisiveness and foster unity and collaboration. Similar to this, the workplace is undergoing rapid change due to technological advancements and shifting employee expectations, necessitating selfless, forward-thinking leadership.

Once again, thank you for supporting The Transformational Leader. I’m excited to continue this important conversation as we explore the countless ways leaders and aspiring leaders can contribute to a brighter, more dynamic future.

This book on leadership is a comprehensive guide to help leaders like you navigate these challenges and make a lasting impact.

Until then, it’s up to each of us to inspire, serve, and transform.