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The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make

most important decision

The most important decision you can ever make is to become your own CEO. I’m talking about taking complete responsibility for your life and not blaming others or your circumstances for past results or where you are right now. It’s mindboggling to me how someone can go year after year, month after month, day after day complaining…

3 Questions For Discovering Your Why

discovering your why

Discovering your why, the real reason as to why you do what you do, that special thing that tugs at your heart and gives you complete satisfaction, very well could be one of the most important tasks that you will ever be faced with. Finding out your why means that if you identify a dream…

How to Turn Negative Experiences Around

negative experiences

This column is an excerpt from Matt Mayberry’s book, Winning Plays, out now. When we experience failure, tragedy, or hardship, I believe we all struggle with envisioning the absolute worst outcome. When I got injured in my very first game in the NFL, I was completely broken and defeated in that moment, but I made it…

3 Ways to Have a Positive Attitude Amid Failure

This article is an excerpt from Matt Mayberry’s new book WINNING PLAYS published by Center Street/Hachette. Many, many people talk about attitude and especially the “attitude of gratitude.” It has become such a normal topic of discussion that few people probably really think about it. I’m not sure how many people actually work on their attitude daily….