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Overcoming the ‘Great Resignation’

great resignation

Most everyone will agree that 2021 was filled with brief moments of hope, but there were also numerous setbacks for many companies. The uncertainty of the future has caused a plethora of emotions for employers and employees in every industry. We are currently living in an environment that has been labeled ‘The Great Resignation’ a…

Key Characteristic of a Transformational Leader

characteristic of a transformational leader

Not only is the characteristic of a transformational leader what inspires them, but it also distinguishes them in their capacity to inspire and effect enduring change. One of my favorite things in the world to talk about is the power of transformational leadership. I not only speak about transformational leadership during my keynote presentations but…

How to Become an Inspirational Leader

inspirational leader

There is one common question that continually pops up during my travels across the country, speaking to and working with leadership teams and organizations of all sizes. The question that I am referring to is, “What is the biggest difference between athletic coaches and leaders in the business world?” My response is always the same….

How Leaders Can Strengthen and Drive Trust

I recently received an urgent phone call from a leader at a medium-size pharmaceutical company. He wasted no time. The leader blurted out, “Matt, I am starting to believe we placed too big of an emphasis on performance and a business as usual mentality during the pandemic. We have been productive and efficient, but I…

Cultural Transformation Drives High-Performance

cultural transformation

The Challenge A major food and beverage company was already experiencing great success and growth over the years, but senior leadership knew that there was still a lot of room for improvement if they wanted to get to the next level. Although a lot of the key business objectives and organizational goals were being accomplished…