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Conducting Effective Performance Reviews

performance reviews managers

In today’s competitive business environment, innovation is essential for success. As a result, many companies find that traditional employee performance reviews are no longer effective. Over the last few decades, this process has earned a reputation as being cold, rigid, and overly focused on the past. Instead, organizations are now adopting a more personalized approach…

How Leaders Can Inspire Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

Every leader I meet seems to have the same question: “How can I drive employee engagement despite the rapidly changing work environment?” There is no doubt that the last three years have been extremely difficult for organizations and their leaders to not only deliver results but also navigate the complexity of the changing work dynamics….

Why Every Company Needs a Dream Manager

Increasing employee engagement, creating a healthier culture and building a world-class organization that sees exceptional growth every year is what all leaders in any industry wants for their organization. If that is the goal for most leaders, then why do so few organizations succeed at the above three? There are a ton of reasons that may be…

3 Things Shared by Highest Performing Teams

highest performing teams

Something that always intrigues me is watching the highest performing teams execute at an extraordinary level. Being an athlete for most of my life, I have been on teams that reached the top and teams that didn’t get anywhere. Since moving away from the playing field, I have witnessed the same thing while speaking to…