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As an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker, top management consultant, and a former professional athlete, Matt Mayberry knows what it takes to win and perform at an extremely high level. He has been sharing his unique and winning strategies with audiences all over the world for nearly a decade. Matt doesn’t just customize his keynote presentations. He carefully crafts every speech to provide audiences with a proven formula drawn from his own athletic and business success combined with extensive, current research. Matt’s incredibly inspiring and high-energy motivational keynotes are full of actionable strategies designed to create a meaningful impact and drive business performance. 

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Unique Perspective

Matt provides attendees with a real-world strategy to boost leadership and business performance. His keynote incorporates: motivation (with personal stories of overcoming adversity and leading through change), process and mindset (same strategies he used as an athlete), and credibility (putting these strategies to practice as a management consultant for many of the world’s most dominant companies).

World-renowned Expert

He is one of the most read columnists for Entrepreneur Magazine, where he shares insight to help leaders and teams thrive and increase performance levels. His work has been featured in Fortune Magazine, Forbes, Fox News, NBC, Business Insider, ABC, and ESPN to name a few.

Passion and High Energy

Thousands of attendees and event organizers have said that Matt’s passion and energy on stage is one of a kind. This type of energy is what can help set the tone for the rest of the event and send everyone back home in the right frame of mind to hit the ground running.

Zero Drama

Matt prides himself on being ultra-professional, accommodating, easy to work with every step of the way.


He is a top-rated speaker at every event and consistently receives high marks by attendees, meeting professionals, and organization leaders. Your audience will leave with actionable ideas they can easily implement to achieve new levels of success.

Relentless Preparation

As a former professional athlete, Matt is obsessed with preparing for each and every event like it is his last. Your audience will be receiving a highly customized and crafted presentation.

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    Much More Than Just a Motivational Speech

    When Matt Mayberry speaks at your event, you get much more than just a speech. You get an electrifying experience that inspires and drives lasting change. Matt does not believe in canned speeches. He treats each and every speaking engagement as an incredible opportunity to serve and make a profound impact on every audience he is in front of. Each speaking engagement has three phases: Discovery and pre-work; the Keynote Experience; and Lasting Impact. 

    Discovery and Pre-Work

    Each motivational speaking engagement is approached as if it’s a major playoff game determining the fate of the rest of the season. Well in advance before Matt arrives to speak to your audience, he will spend countless hours studying your organization and the unique opportunities and challenges you face at this time. He will have strategy sessions, phone calls, and conduct interviews with key members of your team to learn how his speech can drive the greatest possible outcome. The information he gathers in the discovery phase will be utilized to craft a message that makes a real difference long after the event ends.

    The Keynote Experience

    When it’s time for Matt to take the stage to deliver his motivational keynote presentation, he will be fully prepared to create an unforgettable experience for your audience. With the combination of his passion, meaningful content, and storytelling ability, attendees will be engaged, inspired, and walk away with game changing ideas for extraordinary impact.

    Lasting Impact

    Some of Matt’s most important work has taken place long after his motivational keynote presentation is over and when we are all back home. A great keynote speech can set the tone and make a real difference, but what happens in three months after the event? Or a year later? Matt provides resources and trainings available for clients to use in the weeks and months that follow the event. These resources and trainings are a practical way to allow the message to live on long after the event for lasting impact and change.