Have you ever got so excited about what’s to come in the future that you completely forgot to live in the present? I certainly have, and I know many others that deal with the same problem. In life, it’s very easy to forget about living in the present and direct our focus and energy towards the future, or even worse, the past.

Just last week I spoke to a junior high school for their career day. I always enjoy the opportunity to spend time with the younger generation and share with them not only the tools that will help them become successful, but some of the things I most regret when I was their age. Live in the NOW

One of the main things I decided to focus on was about living in the NOW. I remember when I was their age all I could think about was going to college, and in turn neglected my final days as a high school student. Those are days I’ll never get back. Once I got to college, the same pattern developed. I couldn’t wait to leave Indiana University and start my NFL career.

This was a huge mistake on my part. Sure, it may have worked to my advantage because I always had a vision of what I wanted for my life, but I didn’t take the time to fully enjoy where I currently was or savor the moment. Yes, we must have a vision for where we want to go in life and take ownership of where we currently are, but something that we can’t let happen is to neglect the present.

The present is here to help develop and mold us into the person we need to become. Day by day, life is fleeing away from us. It’s not just the youth that needs to be reminded of this. We as adults need the same reminder. We decide not to give our all at work until a problem arises. We wait to tell those we love most how much they really mean to us. We forget about our most important values and priorities all to make a living or get an extra bonus.

Our society is constantly thinking about the next move. It’s imperative that we have a vision of where we want to go, who we want to be, but that doesn’t mean to forget about the present, the NOW.

No matter where you are, enjoy life as it is right this moment. Create memories that will last you a lifetime. When you get older all you will have left is memories. Don’t forget to make a life while you are busy making a living. There is no better time to start living life to the fullest than NOW.