We all experience tough times; the adverse and discouraging times in our lives. It’s very tempting to talk about how unlucky we are or how bad things really are during those times.

Maybe you just got out of a really long relationship.

Maybe you visited the doctor for a routine checkup to find out you have cancer.

Maybe a loved one recently passed away.

Maybe you’re in financial trouble.

Whatever it is you are facing right now, please understand this: The more you focus on and discuss something, the greater its significance in your mind. The more it dominates your mind, the more it dominates your entire life.

Instead of focusing on the negative and telling ourselves how bad things are, we have to make a strong stand and say, “No, this challenging situation is not going to bring me down. I am not going to let fear override all of the beauty that surrounds me. I am blessed and highly favored. I am a victor, not a victim.”

Even if we can’t see how things will play out, we have to start speaking victory over our lives, not defeat. Tough times don’t last forever, but tough people endure the test of time.